Sunday, June 28, 2009

Looking for Contributors

Help! The July/August issue is scheduled to publish on Tuesday and I need one working mom and one stay at home mom to answer a few questions about a typical day in their lives. The fashion show put me under the gun and I left A Day in the Life of... off my list! Yikes! Just email me if you are interested. If I can't find any takers, I'll just have to write about myself and that is in no way interesting, I assure you!

I have finished the article about the high gravity beer that is now being sold across the state. Birmingham-Gadsden Budweiser and Dee's Package Store on Green Springs Highway graciously provided me with information about the new beers and even a few samples for the article. Now that the pictures have been made I can do a little tasting for myself!

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  1. Hey Em, I'll answer questions, just let me know if you need me or send me the questions, via facebook. I will try my best!