Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Many thanks...

The inaugural issue of RH Birmingham has generated many kind comments from our readers and I couldn't be more thrilled! I was initially worried that the content wouldn't be interesting enough but so far I've been able to generate enough interest that we'll have return readers for our next issues. Kinda puts the pressure on, but I'm excited to see what July/August will be like at publication. I have ideas I'm kicking around as well as getting ready to launch Khaki Girls clothing line on June 25th @ McWane Center with a fashion show. One again, I have way more eggs than my basket can hold. But, I have plenty of coffee in the cubbard, a fully charged cell phone and a laptop computer, so I think I'll get it done and take a much needed, cocktail laden breather for a few weeks in July!
Thanks for reading!

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