Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Okay. I love The Real Housewives shows on Bravo, but they often leave me with my mouth hanging open and my mind screaming, "Seriously?!?" I am a real housewife, flesh and blood, although I do have a recurring sense of existing in a state of fog when I realize, more often than not, that I've bitten off more than I can chew and lack of sleep keeps me from forming complete sentences.
Most real housewives I know actually work outside of the home as well as in it in some form or fashion, and I mean work. We don't all have a household staff, though some, like me, are lucky enough to have weekly maid service whom I rank up there with local heroes considering the state of the house when they arrive some times. I mean, I want to run from the house screaming and I live here!
We also don't all have unlimited funds and worry about keeping on some kind of a budget and saving where we can. Unlike Jill (RH of New York) who decided that, due to the current economic climate, a $16K handbag was a good alternative to jewelry for her birthday this year. Now, I'm not bashing these lucky ladies because to them, they are real housewives. They just aren't the majority.
So, I set up this blog so the real Real Housewives can have a place to discuss everything from hubbies and kids (or the lack of either), to work and vacation, to staying in and dining out, to splurging and saving, to wine and water, and every other little thing that we need or want to stay in touch with.
I hope this will become a great resource for everyone who is a real housewife in the Birmingham area.

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  1. Em,
    You crack me up. I like you LOVE the RH, I am addicted to them just as much as I am addicted to food. But they do need a reality check. I am living the "housewife" dream right now in Birmingham!
    Mom of Will B