Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Challenge

I have recently been bitten by the 'time to redecorate' bug. This seems to happen every Spring. I get an urge for clean closets and cabinets and then it spills over into making everything new and shiny. I keep wandering around the house looking with a very critical eye at everything from floors to wall color to moulding (or lack thereof). We were graced with white cabinets in the kitchens and baths as well as white tile with, you guessed it, white grout and brass fixtures. It was all so 'now' ten years ago and so on my ever loving last nerve today.
When we bought the house, we were so afraid we'd go over the decorating budget allowed by the builder that we made the most basic of choices and wound up getting a check back at closing. We were so thrilled we went out and bought dining room furniture, which turned out to be a nightmare in itself, but I'll let that go for another day.
At one time, it seemed I was always redoing one room or another. So much so that my dad said we were losing square footage because of all the layers of paint on the wall. Ha-bloody-ha. I don't have a problem with painting. I'll be the first one to haul out the ladder and my good brushes and get right to work. The problem is that, no matter what those redo gurus on HGTV say, a fresh coat of paint only goes so far. I can't paint myself new drapes or tile and the decorating till is sitting at zero.
So, here is the plan. I'm going to start on the boys' bedroom. ("The boys" being my nephews that I am lucky enough to take care of.) This room also acts as a guest room and the room that has THE closet that everything miscellaneous seems to get stuck in. That room is in sad, sad shape and hasn't been touched in about five years when I painted a seaside mural on the wall. I painted palm trees, a light house, waves, sky, seagulls and even sailboats. About a year ago the four year old said, "Look! There's a sailboat on my wall!" So, as you can see, the mural wasn't as big of a show stopper as I had hoped it would be if he didn't even notice for his entire life!
So here's the challenge. I'm picking a room and I'm giving myself six full weeks to get it done. If any of you have been putting off starting a project, let's get it done together. Six weeks beginning Monday, May 11th. Let's get thru Mother's Day first! And no cheating. No hiring someone to do it for you, unless you need some heavy lifting or anything that requires changing lighting, etc. (Although, I have to say. I have changed out three light fixtures myself and it is easy peasy. Just do, please, remember to turn off the power to the room at the junction box!) I'll post pics of my progress and you send me yours and I'll post them. Say, every Thursday you send me your pics and I'll post every Friday. It doesn't have to be a big messy total overhaul of a project. It could just be organizing THE closet in your home that collects stuff.
I'll post the before and after pictures for a vote at the end of six weeks and I'll come up with a prize for the winner.
On your mark, get set, GO!

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